Songwriter Series

As a visual artist who paints with words, I am fascinated by the interconnections between music, song lyrics and calligraphy. I especially listen for poetry withing a song. I’ve begun to seek out opportunities to meet artists in the music world, and I’m not shy about asking permission to interpret a songwriter’s words. Sometimes they are layered with multiple meanings in one song, and they strike the listener in unexpected times with an emotional response. These concepts carry over in music as well as they do in painting. I’m indebted to my songwriter friends for allowing me to collaborate using their original work and try to capture something of the essence of it.

One thought on “Songwriter Series

  1. My husband is a srpaituil artist, and sometimes when he is drawing, or painting something, he plays In the shadow of your power’ over and over again. He will play it for hours, and the music gives him a refreshing spirit. Where can I buy your CD for him? I looked on iTunes, but couldn’t find you. Please help!

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